Sunday, September 11, 2022

One In, One Out: Alpina SK 24

Long coveted, never owned (till now) - Alpina SK 24

Typecast on Alpina SK 24 
In a collection of script, epoca, techno and all types of fancy typefaces, it is occasionally good to discover that I have a solid pica amongst the lot!

Alpina SK 24 cream and gray color
I haven't seen one of these for the Swiss market - and this one, too, has a German keyboard layout.

Alpina SK 24 undercarriage
It's in fairly good shape and the feet are all intact, which is nice.

Alpina SK 24 return lever
What I've always liked about these are the two-tone color scheme and the large, imposing return lever. 
Alpina SK 24 Carrying case
It is not that much smaller than the Olivetti Graphika it replaced, but is at least portable? I keep it in its case so it will at least attract less dust than the Graphika did on my shelf.


  1. Congratulations on the Alpina!

  2. These are well-engineered machines, for sure. Enjoy!

  3. that return arm looks like the shoulder blade of a moose.


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