Sunday, July 7, 2013

Typecast: Checking in; and Summer 2013 Sightings

Antares Parva, sighted at a thrift store that was teeming with sewing machines - there are three in this picture alone.

I was admiring this Husqvarna machine when J pointed out the familiar-looking case behind it...

Hermes 3000, 2nd generation, techno typeface. Lovely condition, too.

As usual, it never takes long to come across a Hermes, but this Baby flanked by July 4-themed tumblers seems to have seen better days.

Olympia Traveller C, AZERTY keyboard.

Another AZERTY - a Japy standard.

More Hermes? Of course - a lovely little Hermes 2000 at the market...

And yet another, an earlier generation with lovely green keys.

I loved how this Hermes 3000 was presented, on top of an antique radio. Even the seller's beard seemed in keeping with his stall's theme.

A closer look revealed a techno typeface - nice enough, but when will I ever find a script 3000? Not that I'm hankering for more machines, but I see so many of these but the script version is consistently evasive.

A couple of Olivettis also turned up - this hulking Studio 46...

And a Lettera 25, with the accompanying satchel.

This Olympia Monica was tempting - but moratorium, etc. Sigh.

The seller of this Erika snapped at me when I took a picture and walked away, asking for a fee for the photograph. This has happened to me a couple of times in the past and it never gets less unpleasant. It takes me 2 seconds to take a picture - it really is not that big of a deal.

Sadly, it's made me more self-conscious about taking photographs and I try to do it when the seller is distracted. This Royal Quiet de Luxe was lurking under a table and I snuck in a quick shot.

I love that at thrift stores, that problem is nonexistent - the sales attendants are very relaxed and I examined this Remington Quiet-Riter at length (not that my pictures got any clearer; I'll blame this on poor lighting).

Surely, this Smith-Corona Super Speed can't be all that speedy in this state...

Anyone got a "C" for this "Onsul"? At least it has a British keyboard, that's a plus.

I'll leave you with a lovely sight I happened upon a couple of weeks ago: Geneva's very own street typewriter poet! She was using a Brother 220, typing poems on demand after requesting themes from the audience. Attracted quite a crowd, too, and everyone was eager to have their poem right. this. second! She seemed a tad flustered, but handled herself well regardless. I love randomly coming across typewriters in use here - it is so rare!


  1. Welcome back, Miss A! Seems you've been busy with the typewriter spotting. As for sewing machines, my mother's 1950s Necchi Super Nova, complete with cabinet and tuck-away chair, sits in a corner of the master bedroom. It probably requires servicing and nobody in our house knows how to use a sewing machine, but I don't have the heart to get rid of it.

  2. Good luck figuring out which typewriters to keep! I cut my collection down to 18 but it's already nearing that 40 mark again in just under a year...haha. I am such a collector.

    I don't remember if I said how much I love your sightings posts. It's a lot.

  3. Ahh, good to see you back at typespotting, and sorry to hear of the mysterious incident that has demanded so much of your time. I'm hopeful that you stay strong and find that the time you can spare to type your thoughts is a welcome break from the less pleasant things in life. (:

  4. I'm so sorry to know that you've had a bad incident in your life.

    I thought of you a couple of days ago in London's Camden Market when I saw this window of an All Saints clothing store. Apparently they have similar displays in a lot of their stores.

    Very nice to see a typewriter poet in Geneva.

    1. I took a pic like that in downtown Seattle last Christmas. Maybe it's the same chain.

  5. Parsing the collection is always a love/hate event, but it should be easier knowing some of the typers you haven't played with in over a year. That should be a good threshold to judge what stays and goes.

    Oh, what a lovely sight a typing poet in the flesh. I read stories about these from time to time, but I have never witnessed one in person. Had I a little more courage and confidence in my impromptu writing, I would set up my only booth in one of our many street markets during this time of year. Not yet, though:)

  6. Was the poetry in French? That would be rather cool. I'd have probably sprung for that. It's great to see you posting, I have such a fond memory of finally meeting you last year. And strikethru resufraced as well - it's "old home week" as the saying goes.
    As for the photo issue, my gambit is including the item in the frame with something else, such as my companion.

  7. Adwoa, always great to hear from you! It sounds like you've gone through a lot these days, let me just first wish you all the best as you navigate through life, and also for your move, which can be stressful. I had recently moved to a new apartment myself and I know how it is to have to downsize. Isn't it the hardest thing to decide which ones to keep? And you have quite a collection.

    No worries about my short film, it's a hopeful film but not without melancholia so I don't think you'd want to see it right now.

    Many thanks for taking time to share your flea market sightings, as you know, your adventures are one of my favorite things in the typosphere. Hermes 2000 with green keys, you are beautiful!

  8. So wonderful to see your post, Adwoa!

    I am now using bloglovin as my RSS feeder and it works pretty well.

    I send you best wishes for better times! Good luck on your upcoming move. Please keep us posted.

  9. I'm sorry to hear if life hasn't been kind to you of late. Special thanks, then, for a lovely post fullof the usual humanity and some great typewriter sightings. This Typosphere is a strange land. I don't really 'do' RSS. I'm more likely to catch post from my blogroll. Clunky but it works for me an keeps my inbox from overflowing. Keep well.

  10. Good to have you back blogging. Sorry about life's problems. That old Hermes 2000 looks wonderful. I have been craving one of those for 2 or 3 years. The Super Speed should be listed on Ebay as a fully working fully functional typewriter that may some cleaning and a new ribbon.

    Did I tell you how I got my Hermes 3000 Script typewriter?

    Like Rob I do not do any RSS feeds -- to insecure even with Linux.

    I hope the rest of the summer finds you in great spirits and all the trials and tribulations gone and turned into joy.

  11. I for got something... Have no fear of moving with many typewriters. Remember Florian's video--typewriters move themselves.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Thanks for sharing the lovely sightings you had. :) the Hermes script 3000 would be charming if you chance upon them in your future hunt.

    Keep you typing and blogging, I've definitely put you in my flipboard RSS Feeds.

  14. Really nice to read your blog again. When I change ribbons (and clean typers) I put on disposable latex/rubber/nitrile gloves one can find in hardware stores. Makes the task much more enjoyable. Just a suggestion.


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