Monday, February 11, 2013

Ruminations on Red - and its Variants

Not really red, but close enough. 

The copper-hued Erika, as found.

A closer look at the Swiss-French keyboard and hammertone (or perhaps just aged) paint finish.

 Fine little case, too!

And here's that ABC I mentioned - beautiful color, well preserved, clever logo... but I have sworn off ABCs.

Oh, and speaking of rare sightings - it is a virtual winter wonderland in Geneva, what with all the snow we've been having (first major storm of the season, if you can believe it). Sidewalks that I used yesterday on an ambitious little jog - when the sky was clear and everything perfectly dry - are now buried, perhaps not to be seen until March. Oh, well. We had it coming, I think, it's been snowing everywhere else for months now. Some pictures:

This week, most schools are closed for the traditional February skiing vacation (only in Switzerland, eh?) and the kids who did not get to go off to ski resorts took full advantage of today's weather: skis, snowboards and sleds zoomed past me as I shuffled slowly uphill, trying to reacquaint myself with walking in snow. Still, I am not bothered - this is winter's last hurrah, and it will surely pass. Now to concentrate on staying warm... and upright!


  1. OH! That Erika is gorgeous! I'd have snatched it up in a heat-beat. Such a shame.

    Here in Australia, I've been very amused at the prices that certain brightly coloured machines have been asking. At is absurd! I can't even get a look in on some of the more interesting machines.

  2. I agree with Scott. The Erika is great. I never see machines like that here. If I did they would be in my collection.

    The snow looks beautiful.

  3. gorgeous find ! I do have exactly the same hermes baby red with the same typeface - also bought in Switzerland but some time ago. I will probably feature it on my blog too. I do have another one with the cursive typeface but that one has a German keyboard and this red is the one I found in Switzerland. Really very nice typewriters and a very unique typeface. I still like techno a lot. Your paper is really ideal for this !

  4. Oh oh sweet red Erika... VERY nice machine. Couldn't have resisted. I love Geneva.

  5. That Erika is beautiful.

    I'm sorry you've had such trouble with the ABC/Cole Steel machines. I must have the only serviceable one on the planet!

  6. Lovely post! I agree about the Erika, I love mine. I have exactly one red typewriter so I'll use it tonight.


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