Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Typecast: The Travelling Retro Tech Circus

The Mignon Index typewriter makes its first appearance, sometime in December 2010. It is shown with its case, and a forbidding "Do not touch!" sign.


In this picture taken a year later (December 2011), the sign has been put off to the side and a print out from Richard's site added. Ah, I see there is a price: CHF 280. I haven't been photographing the Mignon lately, but I have seen it as recently as June 2012, this time accompanied by a Yost. I will keep an eye out to see if it comes back.

My first sighting of the Singer 222K, back in early May. I was very impressed by it and seriously considered making the investment. I might have, if I did not know there was another being offered for less in Lausanne. 

On closer inspection of this image, I realize that the bit of melted rubber has always been there - look carefully at the bottom right side of the machine. I loved that there was a matching Singer spool of thread - like finding matching Hermes ribbon spools, it is a charming detail. 

Another day, another sighting of the Singer 222K at the market. Blazing sun, cool weather, occasional raindrops - this poor machine has seen it all. Notice the tell-tale bit of melted rubber: will no one scrape it off and clean her up? She is starting to look rather grimy.

The Singer 222K moves to the stall of a new seller - perhaps he will have better luck? Judging from the Elna Lotus on his table (next to the empty bottle of Coca Cola in the background) which I first sighted in late April, the chances are slim...

On a park bench in Nyon, the Singer 222K patiently waits (she is sitting between two other sewing machines: the Elna Lotus and a Turissa Ultramatic) to be displayed once more. 


  1. It almost looks as if that Singer machine is following you, like a lost puppy, begging to be adopted...

  2. Very entertaining. It's ironic that Bert Kerschbaumer's article on the Mignon, on my site, says this in its second sentence: "Since the Mignon was on the market for almost 30 years in not insignificant numbers -- over 350,000 specimens were manufactured -- and since its unusual appearance makes it stand out, it can often be found at various flea markets at relatively good prices."

  3. Excellent idea to place the marché aux puces retro tech hunting in this time perspective. I think it's very revealing about the market, a picture we don't usually get when visiting one time only, which gives, well, a momentous record only.

  4. Great sightings! From what I have seen, that is about standard price for a Mignon with the case. However, this is not the price you would expect from a flea market. If he wants that much, he should put that thing on eBay. Otherwise, it will be quite hard to sell (as shown by its presence there for so long).

  5. Very interesting flea market adventure as always. The printout from Richard's website must have caused the inflation on that Mignon Index Typewriter. Lol!


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