Thursday, March 10, 2011

Typecast: Checking in

And speaking of roses, it looks like spring is arriving in Geneva! It has been sunny and warm these past couple of days (of course, on weekdays when it does me no good), and I noticed some buds already making their way out on the tree branches. As good a time as any to share some of my favorite pictures of spring (we aren't quite at this stage yet, but will be in a couple of weeks):


  1. I am a Noodler's fan and too many inks already. Still, every time I come across even just the (poetic but admittedly somewhat goofy) *name* of Black Swan in Australian Roses, let alone any sort of image of the color, I find myself in the throes of iwannits. Very pretty. Nice handwriting, too. ;)

    Oh, and lovely photos, too. I just liked this post all around!

  2. Nice photographs! What kind of camera do you use?

  3. Yours is such a lovely blog, I have to say. It's always wise to write posts and save them up ahead of time, which is why I've never done it.

  4. I believe you mean omphaloskepsis. I had to look it up; such a lovely, clinical term for introspection. And, I'm glad I'm not the only one doing so much navel-gazing, lately.

    You're not the only one neglecting your blog while indulging in other writing exercises. My own journal is full of things which must never enter the public domain. I find that using a dip pen and dark ink (regardless of brand) can lead one into the most disturbing depths of omphaloskepsis.

  5. @LFP - I have to settle for being a Diamine fan because it's easily available to me, but I am liking what I have seen of Noodler's so far! This small sample of Black Swan is nothing compared to the onslaught I am planning over the weekend - time to empty a pen and prep for a new bottle!

    @notagain - It's just a Canon point-and-shoot, the IXUS 70. I find the macro mode makes for beautiful shots of nature.

    @Strikethru - Thanks for the compliment! I'm still not sure whether I'll get around to preparing beforehand, I've been a procrastinator much too long. The thought of not fretting on weeknights whether I've updated my blog enough is appealing, though.

    @MTCoalhopper - Thanks for the correction! *blush* I should have looked that up better; I knew it sounded funny. I agree that most journals are not fit for public consumption - I contemplate it briefly every once in a while, but it's just... no way. Thankfully we have pen and paper to scribble away on and be inspired by!

  6. Navel-gazing? Dear me!
    I hope I'm neither doing that, nor encouraging others to do so! :-0

    The idea of writing one's journey (at least for me) is the grand purpose of narrative journaling. How else to measure progress, preserve the salient steps, or shrine the wisdom seen and heard in one's own "journalistic" way?
    Plus, it's fun!
    Go ahead, Adwoa: give written meaning to your adventures and insights. If you don't, who will?
    Go for it (and do so with good pencils, inks and typewriters)!


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